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Meet Our Multidisciplinary Team

Each member of our team brings unique and complementary expertise, guaranteeing the success and excellence of our real estate ventures
  • François Bellanger

    Professor and Attorney at Law

    François is an RE expert with a profound specialization in administrative law, real estate law, and regional planning. With a wealth of experience in his field, he brings invaluable expertise to our projects, ensuring meticulous legal compliance and integrity at every phase of development and operation. François adeptly navigates complex contractual and administrative landscapes, fostering strong and effective relationships with diverse stakeholders. His commitment to excellence and legal precision significantly enhances the success and sustainability of our initiatives.

  • Roberto Carella

    Designer, Architect and Project Manager

    Roberto has been instrumental in conceptualizing and implementing innovative urban planning strategies for sustainable development. He has also overseen the retrofitting and refurbishing of structures, revitalizing existing spaces and contributing to sustainable urban renewal. Roberto spearheads large-scale projects, blending creativity with technical prowess to deliver structures of exceptional quality and craftsmanship

  • Leonardo Castellana

    Project Manager, and Investment Strategist

    Leonardo is instrumental in shaping our investment strategies with foresight and expertise. His leadership ensures effective project coordination, oversight, and execution, achieving increased property value, improved ROI, enhanced market competitiveness, and long-term sustainability. Leonardo continually enhances his expertise in circular and sustainable strategies within the built environment.

  • Virgil Rochat

    Interior designer and expert in sustainable materials

    Virgil Rochat: A visionary in interior design and an expert in sustainable materials, Virgil imbues our projects with artistic flair while upholding rigorous standards of quality and eco-consciousness. He is regularly consulted by architects and corporations for his in-depth knowledge of decoration and fitting for both internal and external projects. He has been instrumental in project management for finishing work, excelling particularly in furniture and wood craftsmanship, where his expertise shines through

  • Christophe Voyame

    Engineer and construction economist

    Christophe brings a wealth of expertise in managing large and complex projects to our team. His proficiency in financial simulations, reporting, and controlling ensures meticulous allocation of resources and costs, optimizing project and finance efficiency with a risk-based approach. Christophe has been instrumental in overseeing major projects for institutional clients and governments, demonstrating his capability to navigate diverse project landscapes and complexity.

  • Alessandro Mauceri, Angelos Metaxa & Alessandro Passardi

    Investment commitee

    The trio of financiers brings a wealth of extensive and complementary expertise to our investment committee. With a collective history of successful ventures in the investment sphere, spanning both personal endeavors and client engagements, they offer invaluable insights and strategic guidance. They play a pivotal role in financial oversight. Their deep reservoir of knowledge and demonstrated track record within the financial industry renders them indispensable contributors to our investment decision-making process.

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