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Vitraparc, Social housing by 5th Wall Living

Technology has the potential to revolutionize the built environment, unlocking opportunities for innovation, achieving economies of scale, and promoting sustainability primarily through data utilization.

While digital technology offers significant advantages, it cannot replace the importance of soft skills. Humans remain the driving force behind projects, and technology's potential benefits are fully realized when it enhances human capabilities and expertise to deliver a better-built environment.

We engage in and propose « system approaches »

Our experts working together

Vitraparc, Social housing by 5th Wall Living

System thinking in real estate involves recognizing the interconnectedness and interdependence of various elements within the sector, including its relationship with wider society and the natural environment. It requires understanding the real estate sector as part of a larger system and acknowledging the systemic threat posed by factors like climate change.

This approach involves moving away from a silo mentality, where different aspects of the real estate sector are treated in isolation, towards a more holistic view that considers the complex interactions and dependencies between different components. By adopting a systems approach in policy and professional practices, the real estate sector can address inefficiencies, mitigate risks, add value and build resilience in the face of challenges such as climate change.

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