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Vitraparc, Social housing by 5th Wall Living

Our team's versatility and expertise shine through our diverse range of complex accomplishments and missions, which include:

  • Development of over 100,000 m² of commercial space
  • Construction of more than 200,000 m² of residential space, comprising approximately 2,000 apartments, with over 1,000 dedicated to social housing
  • Creation of 40,000 m² of single-family homes, totaling more than 150 residences
  • Building of 60,000 m² of private and public infrastructure, such as schools and laboratories

Additionally, we have successfully completed projects in innovative real estate solutions, including smart hotels. Notable projects in our portfolio include the UEFA headquarters, the revitalization of United Nations halls, Banque Pictet, and an eco-neighborhood with over 1,000 social housing units integrated into a circular heating solution.

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